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#WSURumors was the best thing to come from Mike Leach rumors

This is what happens when the Internet is bored on a Sunday night.

Mike Leach was briefly linked to a now-vacant Houston job on Sunday night, sending WSU Twitter into an uproar. That lasted all of about 30 minutes, and then turned into a free-for-all triggered by Washington State itself. It was weird and funny and led to #WSURumors trending on Twitter. Here's a quick recap

It started with a report on Twitter that Mike Leach was interested in the Houston head coaching job.

That was quickly shot down by … the athletic department's official account, which is weird and doesn't happen much.

And then the rest of the official WSU social media accounts started having fun.

And then everyone else got in on the fun, causing the hashtag to briefly trend in Washington.

There's more at #WSURumors. Good job, Twitter