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WSU acknowledges review of Jason Monda, not much else

The Washington State University athletics department issued a statement on Thursday regarding the eligibility of baseball player Jason Monda, whom the Philadelphia Phillies reportedly turned into the NCAA for having improper contact with an agent.

It's a brief statement, so don't expect to learn a whole lot:

In regard to recent inquiries regarding senior Jason Monda's eligibility, his situation was reviewed by Washington State University Athletics Compliance and the NCAA. WSU is bound by NCAA rules to make no further comment.

This actually is a bit of an odd statement because of its ambiguity. Although we can infer that Monda has been cleared because he's playing, the statement doesn't explicitly say that the case is closed, nor does it even acknowledge what the central issue was.

Perhaps that's standard operating procedure where no formal report has been issued. Or perhaps the NCAA has asked them not to comment further because of the ongoing investigation into the eligibility of Ben Wetzler, the Oregon State pitcher who also was drafted by the Phillies, also returned to school. His case has not yet been resolved.

It appears Monda, however, is good to go.