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Checking in on the Cougar Football Project

The Football Operations Building is looking more and more complete with roughly six months until the start of football season.

Captured from the live webcam on Feb. 21, 2014.
Captured from the live webcam on Feb. 21, 2014.
Cougar Football Project

The second half of the Cougar Football Project -- the Football Operations Building that will occupy the west end of Martin Stadium -- is hitting the home stretch on the way to completion, which means it's starting to look like a finished product on the outside, even though there still is lots of work to be done on the inside.

One of the touches? A big, white Cougar logo added to the building yesterday, matching the one that sits on the east end of the premium seating area:

And by the end of the day, it looked like this:

And of course, it looks super cool at night:

They're definitely working on the inside, too:

Lots more pictures of the interior here.

How does it look to you guys?