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Klay Thompson dunks all over Kyle Singler

Pulling a page from his WSU days, Klay Thompson threw down an impressive dunk on Monday and we have the GIFs.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

When Klay Thompson was at Washington State, announcers would go on and on about his shooting ability. All you ever heard was how good of a shooter he was. They weren't wrong, but If you closed your eyes and never saw him play, you'd think the announcers were describing a player resembling Steve Kerr. The thing is, Thompson's athleticism was vastly underrated (as was his defense, but that is a story for another day).

Fast forward to his NBA days and announcers say a lot of the same things. As a member of the "Splash Brothers" Thompson is often praised for his shooting ability. He remains underrated as an athlete, fully capable of powering up the occasional sledgehammer jam, as Kevin Calabro would say. Thompson put that athleticism on display on Monday and Detroit's Kyle Singler was the unfortunate victim.



Our own Brian Floyd spiced it up a little bit, putting WWE announcer Jim Ross on the call.

If that dunk looks familiar, you are probably remembering back to Thompson's WSU days. He threw down a similar dunk on more than one occasion.

That Klay Thompson guy is an alright player.