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About the authors: PJ Kendall

The newest CougCenter author introduces himself to the masses.

The Angel of Death
The Angel of Death
United States Air Force

Hello, Coug fans. As I write this introductory post, I'm drinking a Brazilian beer called Xingu. All the label says is "Black Beer." That seemed so mysterious that I just had to try it. Early returns indicate that it's Brazil's version of Foster's. I'm also eagerly awaiting tonight's season premier of the best show on television.

Greetings from SEC purgatory. Formerly known to you as SpectreFCO, my name is Patrick "PJ" Kendall, and I'm the newest writer for the finest website on all of SB Nation. I was born in Spokane, graduated from Gonzaga Prep in 1994, and got my degree from WSU in 1998. I go by PJ because, as I told Jeff, that is what my family has always called me. Once I graduated from WSU and entered the real world, I figured I should probably go by my full name. Turns out that I was too lazy to try and get everybody to change what they called me, and they probably wouldn't have listened anyway. I'll admit that I initially had some reservations about signing up to do this, but when Nusser doubled the signing bonus, I couldn't refuse. The only issue is that my cap number goes up substantially if I'm around for a second year, but hopefully you, the audience, will think I'm worth keeping around.

I've been in the Air Force for a little over 15 years now, and got my aeronautical rating of Navigator in 2000. Since then, I've flown the KC-135 (those USAF jets you've seen if you've spent any time in Spokane) and the AC-130H "Spectre" gunship (pictured above). I've been doing the gunship gig for about nine years, though the only thing I fly nowadays is a desk. You can check out what many of my missions were like here, though I wasn't on this particular one. The black squares are blocking out classified info, and the conversation can be a bit tough to follow because the callsigns are classified, and therefore muted. Those black hot spots moving on the ground are bad guys. They turned to cold spots by morning.

During my career, I've moved from Spokane to San Antonio, Wichita, the Florida Panhandle, eastern New Mexico (worst place ever), and back to my current residence in Northwest Florida.  Along the way I married my beautiful wife and had two great sons, ages five and two.  We're saving for my five year-old's college fund and my two year-old's bail money.

I've been a huge sports fan all my life, and I'm a devotee of all things WSU, which is probably pretty obvious. I have rabidly followed the Seahawks (Super Bowl Champs, in case you didn't know), Sonics (RIP), and Mariners (DOA) as well. I look forward to informing and hopefully entertaining you folks as much as I can. Any feedback/criticism is welcome, and believe me, I can take just about anything.  After all, I've been flying with aircrew members for the last 15 years. The blogosphere is definitely rated "G" by comparison. I never did get a chance to fly with this guy, unfortunately.

Finally, I decided to do something I swore I would do right around the time I wore something purple. I joined Twitter, mostly in order to promote this here website. There will also be thoughts on beer, and the occasional observation about whatever, probably related to an incident I saw on Seinfeld. You can follow me (for reasons which are beyond my comprehension) at @PeejKendall.

Go Cougs!