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WSU football recruiting: Ngalu Tapa officially joins the 2014 class

The three-star defensive tackle could be one of the steals of the class.

Coach Joe Salave'a might have found another good one.
Coach Joe Salave'a might have found another good one.
WSU Athletic Communications

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WSU has received the national letter of intent for defensive tackle Ngalu Tapa, who is out of Burbank, Calif. The consensus three-star recruit has been committed to the Cougars since mid-October.

Tapa checks in at 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds and appears to have future nose tackle written all over him -- he's a specimen of power. He appears to have more talent than his three-star evaluation, and in fact was an unrated prospect when he committed to the Cougs.

That's because it was unclear if he'd even make it to college after he spent a year in jail for his apparently unwitting role driving the getaway car in a robbery. He's committed himself to turning his life around, something he appears to be successfully doing.

It was Tapa's standing as a student-athlete and campus leader that helped his legal cause, said Burbank principal Ted Appel. Tapa is an honors student in Burbank's International Baccalaureate program, a rigorous curriculum of advanced courses. Classmates are inspired by his mathematics ability and willingness to help others, said Appel. Tapa dreams of studying engineering at Washington State

Tapa is the only player in this class who appears to be obviously destined for the interior defensive line. But he could be a very good one.