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Shot Charts: WSU at Washington

Just Like Football.

William Mancebo

I'm not even gonna lie; I charted the 2nd half shots but didn't really watch any of the plays the preceded them.  I was so positive of the outcome, I did my taxes.  I also learned babies are a sweet write-off.


Three more games left of this garbage.


And this.


D.J. Shelton 's chart looks like the end of an NBA Jam game where the computer is letting the other team come back to make it close.   What is the opposite of a heat check?


You deserve better, Vonte.  Every Royce missed layup (TM) and everytime Railey drops a pass that hits him in the hands (Casto TM), it breaks my heart for you.  Maybe next year?

Two more weeks and then we can move on to talk about another bad Cougar team...