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Share your best WSU memory in celebration of our alma mater's 124th birthday

The ol' girl doesn't look a day over 100, does she?

On this day 124 years ago, based on the Morrill Act of 1862, the Washington state legislature created a land-grant institution of higher learning. Two years later, they settled on the sleepy, rolling hills of a little known town near the Idaho border and appointed Enoch Bryan president of Washington Agricultural College and School of Science. Over a century later, the school has gone through many changes, including their name. Our alma mater, Washington State University, celebrates its birthday today.

It's kind of weird celebrating the birthday of a university considering it probably doesn't know or care that you gave College Hall a big hug your senior year and you still haven't received a thank you card for it. A donation could serve as a birthday present and if your finances allow, I encourage you to do so.

But one of the best ways to celebrate the university we affectionately call Wazzu (Note to all people who write about WSU anywhere: it's Wazzu, not Wazzou. Man, that crap bugs me.) is to share our favorite memories of being there. Be they class related, dorm related, stealing cold beer from a party where they only had one case of warm Keystone related or epic dump of snowfall related, I want to hear them.

My favorite memory probably comes from my junior year living in the Chinook apartments. We had a townhouse and those of you that know that part of campus know the steep hill from the parking lot that leads down to the townhouses. After about 14 inches of snow had fallen, we started using pizza boxes to sled down the hill and into the university supplied mattress for padding (I'd brought my own bed because those mattresses sucked). Eventually, my roommate and I got the bright idea to ride the mattress down the hill. We left the door to our townhouse open which we thought might provide the opportunity to ride the mattress up the stairs if we aimed correctly. On our way down, we realized we hadn't calculated for the lip at the door and the mattress consequently stopped and we kept going. Luckily, neither of us were hurt except for the wall which had a size 12 hole in it.

So how about you? What's your favorite memory from your time at Washington State University?