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WSU has reportedly extended an offer for a new men's basketball coach

Bill Moos has reportedly extended an offer that has yet to be accepted.

Photo courtesy WSU Athletic Communication
Photo courtesy WSU Athletic Communication

Bill Moos said in his press conference after firing Ken Bone he'd like to get someone hired before the end of the NCAA Tournament and it appears he's on track to do so.

This comes from President Floyd who reported it to the Board of Regents at their monthly meeting this morning  (Hennessey is president of ASWSU so he attends each of them). It's probably a good assumption that both Floyd and Moos expect the offer to be accepted if they're informing the regents but Floyd apparently stopped short of telling the board who the offer had been extended to.

My initial inkling would've been that this will happen over the weekend and we'd hear about it Monday when there are no tournament games. But then Hennessey followed up with this:

We aren't sure who got the job offer but I'll mirror what Jeff said yesterday: if it was Ernie Kent, this probably would've been done last week. It's probably a coach who is currently employed.

Let the rampant speculation about who could possibly have a contract from Bill Moos sitting on their desk begin!