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It's HAMBONE time for WSU basketball

No more fretting, Bill Moos. We've got the answer for Washington State basketball right here.

The future is now.
The future is now.
Original Photo by Joe Nicholson, USA TODAY SPORTS

Kyle Sherwood and I put our collective thought power together to come up with the best possible solution for WSU basketball's head coaching vacancy.

Kyle: hypothetically, how many more No's do we need before we hire Bone back?

Craig: All of the Big Sky, I would guess

Kyle: I just want Moos to release a statement that says "Fuck it, why not?"

Craig: Dress him up in a mustache. Call him Kam Bone. Say it's his brother


get him a suit from 2014.  nobody will recognize him

Craig: I say he HAS to chew on the sideline. With a waterbottle for a spittoon

Kyle: HAMBONE smokes e-cigs

Craig: "Coach, why did you leave the sideline for 10 minutes in the second half?"

"Damn libs won't let me vape on the bench. But you can't expect me to go without vapin' for two hours. Ain't natural."

We should e-mail Bone and Moos about doing this

Would make WSU basketball way more interesting

Kyle: let a student coach during the Bone's smoke breaks, decided by halfcourt shots at timeout

we could get pretty much every game on national tv if we do this right

Craig: At the very least, we'll get some nice sponsorship money from Blu or whatever e-cigs are popular

Kyle: Stephen Dorf could be our Ashley Judd!

this is how our meeting with Moos would go

I don't know how we would fail

Wonder if Bone can grow his own thick mustache?

Kyle: it might work better if it were fake and the wrong color

Craig: Fiery red?

Kyle: this idea is so fantastic, i'm kind of upset we're still going after Rice

Craig: Me too. If Moos really wants an "impact" hire, this is the way to go.