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Bill Moos says he's 'reevaluating' the Seattle game

Whether it's a total end to the game remains to be seen, but at the very least it looks as if no Pac-12 games will be held in Seattle from here on out.

Otto Greule Jr

Because you haven't had enough scheduling talk over the last few days, we'll move things over to the football team where it looks like the Seattle game may be on its last legs. Per Cougfan via Jacob Thorpe, Bill Moos is, at the very least, "reevaluating" the annual Seattle game. Here's the money quote from Moos at today's luncheon in Spokane:

When I first got here, we didn't have TV money and the Pac-12 money. We needed to build a cash flow. I decided to schedule Oregon State and Oregon games in Seattle becasue we needed the money … That's not the case now, so we're going to reevaluate playing games in Seattle. I think it's served its purpose.

Moos is the master of the non-committal so there's a lot we can take from this but a lot there's still left up to the imagination. At the very least, it seems like what little cash the department is earning from the game now isn't nearly as important as it used to be. Before the new TV contract, they needed every spare penny they could get. The tremendous influx of cash is making things a little easier in Bohler and hosting anything less than the optimal number of games in a stadium you spent $145 million to remodel seems a little odd.

What you don't get out of that quote is if the game is ending completely. Moos says a lot without saying much at all because we aren't sure if this means Seattle is off the table altogether or only out-of-conference games will be there from here on out. I think it's fair to say most of the people who dislike the Seattle game find it least objectionable when the game is played early in the year and against someone outside the Pac-12.

Moos leaves the door open to continue the Seattle series but reading the tea leaves, it seems like he's leaning towards ending it. If the department doesn't need the extra cash the game provided any longer, there's little point in playing in Seattle anymore.