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WSU Spring Game 2014: Stats and quick observations

Connor Halliday had a huge day. Who else caught our eye?

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William Mancebo

The 2014 edition of the WSU spring game just wrapped up, and while it's wise to refrain from reading too much into the results, there definitely are a handful of things that stood out to me as I was watching.

Some inta-reactions:

Connor Halliday is still good. 25-of-41 for 326 yards and three TDs ... in a half? Yeah, that'll do. Halliday looks as if he hasn't missed a beat from last year, despite a good number of his receivers being out with injuries today. Some probably will complain about the interceptions, both of which were vintage Bad Connor, but I'd like to think he'd have thrown them away if it was a real game.

Luke Falk is ahead of Tyler Bruggman. In the race to become Halliday's backup, it's pretty clear that Falk has a better grasp of the offense right now than Bruggman. Likewise, it's pretty clear that Bruggman -- as expected -- possesses the superior physical tools. But Bruggman's reads looked slow and indecisive, not unusual for quarterbacks new to the offense. In fact, his performance wasn't all that unlike Halliday's first spring game, during which the quarterbacks took approximately 15 sacks.

In other words, there's really nothing to be concerned about in terms his development. You might be a little worried if he was going to be the starter this fall. He's not, so just sit back and allow him to continue to develop.

Daquawn Brown looked excellent. The potential starting corner spent a fair amount of the first half locked up on Vince Mayle, and he did an outstanding job. He wound up picking off Halliday twice by making nice plays on the ball. He's obviously still young, but he looks like he could be ready to step up to the plate this fall. Marcellus Pippins and Charleston White looked pretty solid, too.

River Cracraft was uncoverable. That was certainly fun to watch. Vince Mayle also abused anyone not named Brown. So that was neat, too.

Calvin Green. Just ... wow. This is one where it's actually darn hard not to get too excited based on the results of a spring game. Spending most of his time on the field with the deep reserves, he looked like a man among boys out there -- and he's an early enrollee who never played receiver before. The guys playing against him didn't really come close to covering him; the only thing that kept him from gaudier stats were some missed throws. As it was, he finished with eight catches for 101 yards.

The offensive line looked OK! Halliday wasn't really under a ton of pressure, so that's great. If you're tempted to put that on the defense, just remember the 15 sacks from two years ago. A bad offensive line is going to make a bad defensive line look good. I'm satisfied with the o-line today. Oh, and they look big!

Erik Powell can make a field goal! I have no idea what he'll do against a live rush in a game that matters, but he looked like he'll be able to make a kick under 40 yards this year. So we've got that going for us.

How about you? What did you notice?

EDIT: And here are the official stats.

2014 Spring Game Stats