How much did Connor Halliday improve over the last 5 games, what can we expect in 2014?

William Mancebo

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I was looking back at a post I published at the end of last year looking at Connor's performance compared to the previous season and a conversation on this post: link had me wondering, how much did Connor improve over the last 5 games? What could can we possibly expect in 2014 if those improvements were seen over a full season?

I felt like this is a worthy sample size as it is about 40% of the season. I took what his attempts per touchdown and interception were to calculate out a 2014 projection based on the exact same number of throws as 2013 (714). This is admittedly flawed, but I wanted to see what the numbers could be if he continued this progression over a full season (he actually has about the same YPA in 2012 as in 2013, but I think he'll improve there so I factored it in), and when it's Spring, you might as well dream.

The default numbers when you land on the visualization (4,998 yards passing, 43 TD, 13 INT) are what Connor projects to based on his last 5 games if he held those rates for all of 2014. I created a parameter for each that allows you mess with the numbers if you'd like.

As you can see below, Connor really cut down on the turnovers, started taking less attempts to throw touch downs and got way more efficient in the red zone. All very positive signs.

Data is from

Let me know if you want to see any adjustments or have any feedback as far as improvements go.

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