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Daquawn Brown pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault charge stemming from March 2nd incident

Brown won't spend any time in jail but will pay a fine and serve six months of probation.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Daquawn Brown's status with the Washington State football team was in question following a report in early March he had assaulted a male and female at the Compton Union Building. Considering one of Leach's three rails to immediate dismissal is striking a woman, we all thought Brown's goose was cooked. But then he took the field for spring practice and Leach indicated they were waiting for the facts of the case to be settled.

Yesterday, Brown pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault against the male victim according to Pullman radio station KQQQ. He'll pay a $700 fine, remain on probation for six months and received a six-month suspended jail sentence.

This is good news football wise as we now know, pending another slip up that would cause Brown to serve at least part or all of the suspended sentence, Brown will be on the field this fall. The sophomore is easily the best defensive back on the roster despite his inexperience, a position the Cougs will need all the help they can get at this season.

Fingers crossed Brown stays out of trouble for the duration of his probation. Running afoul of the law again within that time frame would be a bigger disaster for him personally than any issue the football team may experience without him there.