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Steve Gleason heads in for surgery, asks for 'unified focus on healing'

The former WSU football star continues to battle ALS, prompting him to send out a rare request for support.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Throughout his public battle with ALS, former WSU football star Steve Gleason has been a bastion of strength, refusing to fade away as many of those afflicted with the disease do.

One thing he doesn't generally do is ask for help, unless it's to support Team Gleason in its efforts to fulfill its mission to provide cutting-edge technology for suffers of neuromuscular afflictions and research for a cure. But that's exactly what Gleason is doing today as he heads in for surgery:

I'm not a doctor, so I'll keep any speculation about what this might mean for his condition to myself and simply do what he's asked: Pray for healing.

And whatever God/god/gods/no god at all you believe in, I'd encourage you to do the same.

No White Flags.

Go Cougs.

EDIT: We can try to pick apart the banana tree metaphor, but I'll just leave it at "seems as if things went OK."