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Pac-12 leaders outline plan for 'sweeping NCAA reform'

The presidents from the Pac-12 schools, and other conference leaders, created a short list of reforms to college athletics they would like to see made.

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Update: The Pac-12 has released the full text of their letter and posted it on their website. You can read it here.

On the heels of the decision to allow unionization at Northwestern, the Pac-12 has decided to do it's part in changing the path of college athletics.

Last week, leaders from the Pac-12 gathered and compiled a letter with 10 proposed changes to the current NCAA model. According to the AP, the group also announced support for a new policy that would "allow the five wealthiest conferences to make some rules without the support of smaller Division I schools." They sent the letter detailing their plan of action to 53 presidents from the four other power conferences and ask for a response by June 4.

On Tuesday, the AP got a copy of the letter and summarized the main points. While it appeared that the conference decided to act because of the ruling for Northwestern, they did not want to go in that direction.

"It is clear from the recent statements of any number of individuals," the letter reads, "that while they may share our view that labor unions are not the answer, the time has come for a meaningful response both to the student-athletes' grievances and the need to reassert the academic primacy of our mission."

The full list of proposals in the letter can be seen in the AP article here. Among them are ideas to cover the full cost of admission for student-athletes, insurance assistance, guaranteed scholarships and to shorten seasons in "specific sports." In my mind, however, the most interesting proposal centers around freshmen in men's basketball.

"Address the "one and done" phenomenon in men's basketball. If the NBA and its Players Association are unable to agree to raising the age limit for players, consider restoring the freshman ineligibility rule in men's basketball."

One thing is clear: the current NCAA model is going to come to an end some time in the very near future. Do you think these proposals are taking college sports in the right direction? What would you want to see added to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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