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Mike Leach with Bruce Feldman talking fur coats and cargo shorts

Mike Leach appeared on Bruce Feldman's new podcast and covered a variety of subjects, as he loves to do.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports made what is probably its smartest hire a couple months ago when Bruce Feldman was brought aboard as the network's newest college football reporter. He instantly became the network's best college football reporter. One of the best aspects of Bruce's new gig is the fact that he is regularly hosting a podcast, now known as The Audible. Seeing as how he teamed up with Mike Leach on a best-selling book, it was only a matter of time until the coach appeared on the podcast.

Leach joined Feldman ostensibly to promote his new book, Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior. They stayed on that topic just long enough for Leach to talk about which positions Geronimo would play on defense and offense. Listening to Leach describe Geronimo's abilities, I instantly pegged him as an Earl Thomas clone, but Feldman goes in another direction. On offense, you'll never guess which of his former players the coach compares to Geronimo.

Over the course of 40 minutes, they covered a great deal of ground, to include the following: Matthew McConaughey's movie preparation, Kliff Kingsbury's toughness, the Navy SEALs, the book tour stop which had the best turnout, Graham Harrell's role on the staff, and Bob Stoops.

Of all the subjects covered, Leach was clearly the most passionate about the difference between jeans and slacks, and his love of cargo shorts. When talking about the differences in style between Kliff Kingsbury and Barry Switzer, he became adamant. "Barry Switzer understands, and this is an important point that's been lost in the metrosexual generation, there are not not 25 different types of jeans. There are two, and they're either made by Levi's or Wrangler...All that other stuff is slacks." He also described the circumstances under which he'd wear a fur coat on the sidelines.

He had a really tough time figuring out which coach he'd like to be stuck in the wilderness with, but had strong feelings about a former assistant who would be a terrible choice. They spent the last 10 minutes discussing schemes, and a couple minutes talking about his current team. As usual, the less he talks about football, the more entertaining he is. This podcast was no exception, and is worth your time.