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Friday's Tri-Cities Tailgate unites head coaches

Fundraising season is still active for Bill Moos and the Cougar Athletic Fund. On Friday, the CAF hosted its 17th Annual Tri-Cities Tailgate.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On a holiday weekend during the off season, those that spend the majority of the year writing headlines on WSU sports and college sports in general took an an understandable day off on Saturday.

The biggest activity on Father's Day weekend was the 17th Annual Tri-Cities Cougar Tailgate that brought coaches Mike Leach and Ernie Kent together in the same place. Kent, who has recently returned to Twitter as the new WSU Men'sBasketball coach, sent out this tweet with his new coworker:

If tradition holds, Kent will likely be coaching a game in the Toyota Center next December.

Most athletic directors of major schools would be mindful of a Metropolitan Statistical Area  located about 150 miles away from the main campus with just above 250,000 people.  But thanks to the densely populated stretch of the Columbian Basin that separates Pullman from Pasco, Moos must be more than mindful of the Tri-Cities; he must rely on their support as donors and ticket buyers. With a campus presence in Richland and traditionally loyal segment of the fan base, WSU has a lot to gain from the rapid growth in this part of Cougar Country.

There was also progress this week  on the Pro Wall that features helmets from each of the NFL's 32 teams in the new Football Operations Building. When Moos gave the guided tour of the FOB, the wall sat bare except for the brackets where the helmets would be placed. Now the helmets are on there, and here's what it looks like:

After looking it over for a few seconds, I realized the helmets are arranged in alphabetical order by team location. Hence, the Seahawks are in the bottom right corner, one row up.


WSU backers greet Kent, Leach at Cougar tailgate | NW Colleges |
Ernie Kent was all smiles as he walked into the Southridge Athletic Complex on Friday night.