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Moos talks NCAA changes and white helmets during radio interview

WSU AD Bill Moos joined Ian Furness and Jason Puckett on KJR AM yesterday to talk about all things college athletics including the new football operations building, the future of college sports and white helmets for WSU.

WSU Athletic Communications

Bill Moos made one of his regular appearances on the Furness and Puckett show on KJR AM yesterday. They talked about a wide ranging variety of things and had a great debate about where college sports will end up in the future. You can hear the nearly half hour interview here, but I've gone through and highlighted some of the more interesting pieces below.

  • Surprisingly, Moos really likes the new operations building. He once again hit all the points when talking about the new facility, saying that it's the best in the nation and knows that after visiting the facilities for numerous other schools.
  • Moos is a big fan of including the full cost of attendance in scholarships with a cost of living stipend on top and implies that the smaller conferences are the main obstacle in the way of this passing.
  • Moos is confident that the cost of living stipend will pass "within the next year"
  • Moos says that he would like to see the "Power 5" conferences break off into their own division. While they would still be under the umbrella of the NCAA, he wants to see a "division 4" for those teams.
  • Teams would still play out of the division in the division 4 scenario. Moos thinks that playing smaller teams is very important to both sides. WSU has a home and home lined up with Wyoming and is currently working on one with Colorado State. They also have a "money game" against San Jose State coming up.
"I still like to play a FCS team... I think that's good for our younger players and it helps their budget. Those games are going for half a million dollars these days."

  • Moos is 100% against paying athletes to play sports. Makes the point that athletes get $100,000 in tuition and there needs to be a value put on that aspect.
"How do you do that? Ok, so the quarterback is going to get paid 80,000 and the left gaurd is going to get paid 12,000? Well, that ain't going to fly good in the huddle"
  • Furness brings up that he is afraid that, with the law suits against the NCAA, college football as we know it will change. Moos says that it has changed with rules regulating injuries and concussions.
"The game continues to evolve, but the minute we take amateurism out of it, we lose college football"

  • The talk then turns to white helmets. Puckett is dead set against the introduction of white helmets and Moos, who refused to admit they were coming, defended them.
Puckett: Are we going white helmets?

Moos: Oh, I'm not going to tell you that...

Puckett: I've seen the pictures. You just told me the colors are crimson and grey, let's keep them crimson and grey. I don't see crimson and grey and white.

Moos: I think you see us wearing white jerseys on the road.

Furness and Puckett accuse him of breaking his word of sticking to only "true crimson and true grey."

Puckett: Now you're changing your tune Moos.

Moos: There are accent colors. The accent colors are white and black. If you do trim or whatever with white or black, you're okay.
Puckett: So the white helmets are coming, right?

Moos: I'm not saying that... But I will say this: I think that you will be pleased with our look. When you're driving back and getting that burrito in Othello, you'll be thinking, 'Boy, Moos came through with the colors. I really like that.'

So... yeah. That's about as close to a confirmation to white helmets we're going to get...

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I mean... How is that possible. He's a senior in college and he's never done that. It was like a weekly occurrence in my household growing up...

Anyway, I'm happy for you Connor. Congrats!


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