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USA vs. Germany World Cup 2014: TV schedule and open thread

The United States is playing a soccer match this morning. Many of you like soccer, so feel free to discuss the game here.

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We don't always do off topic open threads, but when the United States is facing Germany with a trip to the World Cup knockout stage on the line, it seems like a good time to blow the dust off the off topic open threads.

If you've been living without the Internet or television for the last few weeks, you may be unaware the World Cup is going on. For everyone else, you've probably heard a thing or two about it. The match today against Germany is rather large with the United States either moving on or being eliminated pending the result of this match and possibly the one between Ghana and Portugal. Basically, a United States win or tie and the Americans are moving on. A loss and then the USA will need some help. You can find all the scenarios in a handy chart.

There are a few loose ways to tie WSU into this all. First, WSU flags have unsurprisingly been flying in Brazil. One was spotted during the USA vs. Ghana match, so maybe that will happen again. There is also the CougCenter/WazzuWatch World Cup pick 'em pool, which I'm doing terribly. I've picked 22 games correctly which doesn't seem horrible, but only guessed two correct scores. Mikalalas and Etiwanda Coug are currently tied for the lead and each correctly picked 27 games and seven scores thus far. I'm currently tied for 39th with Nusser ... I'm forever ashamed.

The game will start at 9 a.m. PT and will be on ESPN and WatchESPN. Here are all of the pertinent details, enjoy yourselves in the comment thread.

Match Date/Time: 9 a.m. PT

Venue: Arena Pernambucho, Recife, Brazil

TV: ESPN (U.S. - English), Univision (U.S. - Spanish), BBC 1 (U.K.), CBC (Canada), Servus TV (Germany)

United States announcers: Ian Darke, Taylor Twellman

Online: WatchESPN (U.S.), ITV Player (U.K.)

Listings via LiveSoccerTV