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Vote for your favorite restaurant in the CougCenter World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food group round

The FIFA World Cup has inspired us. We're asking you to put one on top of the podium as your favorite.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the past few weeks, most of the world with access to a television set has had their eyes squarely turned to Brazil and the 2014 edition of the FIFA World Cup. Every four years, I place my butt firmly in the middle of the couch and watch as much soccer as work and life will allow. Granted, I spent most of my day on the couch but at least now I'm working up a sweat watching other people exercise.

I know some amongst our fan base aren't big soccer fans and that's just fine by me. We are all big fans of one thing though: food, and namely, where to get it in Pullman. So if we put all of your favorites into four groups then advanced the best to the knockout stages, who would stand alone atop the heap as the most favorite-ist.

Introducing: The World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food.

The World Cup's official anthem was written by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. I will not allow that here. Thusly, the greatest sports anthem there ever was.

The ground rules: we're splitting 20 restaurants into four groups. You get to vote for two in each group until Tuesday night. After that, we'll put the top two from each group into an eight team bracket seeded by total votes. Quarterfinals on Wednesday, semis on Thursday and the final next Monday because you guys should be out America-ing it on Friday.

Point of parliamentary procedure (no idea if this actually is but it makes this sound super fancy): this is about your FAVORITE restaurant, not necessarily the best. Whatever the word favorite when it comes to food means to you, roll with it. Just make sure you're playing the NBA on NBC theme to get good and pumped during your voting.

Voting is open until 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

Now, lets introduce you to the groups and get your votes. Feel free to lobby for votes in the comments as well.

The Andrew Furney Group

La Casa Lopez

The Old European

Red Bento


Banyan's On The Ridge

This will be a big test for one of the old standbys in The Old European. Strong competition against two of the classier joints in town as well as two ethnic restaurants that have a loyal following. Can the supposed favorite make it past some very strong competition?

Vote for two:

The Joe Salave'a Group

Taqueria Chaparrito

Oasis Teriyaki and Pho


Birch and Barley

Tam's Place

A few newcomers in this group as we run the gambit from the Far East to Europe and Central America. Again, an old favorite spot for breakfast will face off against strong competition and there's a chance it will fail to make it out of the group.

Vote for two:

The Connor Halliday Toliet Cloggin' Group

The Breakfast Club

The Black Cypress

Emerald Chinese

CD's Smoke Pit

The Coug

This is a tough group to get through and features a pretty wide assortment of restaurants. This could really come down to what you're in the mood for at the moment you vote. There certainly isn't a heavy favorite among these qualifiers but there aren't any you can just write off either.

Vote for two:

The Pat Reeves Group


South Fork Public House

Golden Teriyaki

Cougar Country

Pizza Perfection

We've arrived at our Group of Death. There are newcomers, there are old powerhouses; this group has everything. Do the long-standing, old guard get through to the knockout stages or will the youngling pull off a big upset and send someone who should have advanced home just like ENGLAND. LOOK AT YOU, SITTIN' OVER THERE, DRINKIN' YOUR TEA AND EATIN' YOUR...YOUR..UH, MASH! GOT YOUR BUTT KICKED BY COSTA RICA! SHOULDA PLAYED 'EM IN THE SNOW!

Vote for two: