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Nick Tanielu ambiguous about whether he'll sign with Houston Astros

Unlike teammate Yale Rosen, who already has announced he'll be turning pro, WSU third baseman Nick Tanielu -- the 14th round pick of the Houston Astros -- wasn't quite as definite in his post-draft statement this morning.

"First and foremost, I thank God, my dad and the coaches at Washington State," Tanielu said in a statement through WSU. "I could not have done this without them. My family and the coaches have always been in my corner. Thank you to the Coug fans for always rooting for us in good time and bad. Thank you to the Astros for providing me an opportunity to pursue my dream of playing professional baseball."

If you try and read the tea leaves, it sounds like Tanielu is leaning toward signing with the Astros, who selected him as a second baseman. But he's only a junior, and it sounds like he left himself some wiggle room to negotiate with Houston.

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