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What do you think of the Cougar Athletic Fund?

What recommendations would you make to the WSU athletic department's fundraising arm?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since taking over for Jim Sterk as athletics director, Bill Moos has constantly emphasized the need for WSU fans to "get some skin in the game" in the form of donations to the athletic department.

The Cougar Athletic Fund -- the fundraising arm of the WSU athletic department -- recently made its end-of-fiscal-year push for donations. Anyone can become a member of the CAF for as little as $50 a year, the idea being that it's a threshold so low that everyone should be able and willing to join.

And the strategy has worked, as WSU athletics has grown its donor base larger than it's ever been. The CougCenter authors recently had an email conversation in which we discussed our experiences with the CAF -- some of which included my own experiences with an unintentionally lapsed membership -- and it made me think that it might be useful to WSU to get some feedback from all of you on how they're doing with the CAF.

So here's your shot: Leave your thoughts in the comments. Has your experience with giving been a positive one? What could improve the experience? If you don't donate, could anything be done to get you to give? Constructive criticism is encouraged, as well as ideas to help grow the CAF in the future.

We love our school. We love winning. So let's help WSU grow this thing.