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46 days to Cougar football: Alternate history, what if Toni Pole scored in the Apple Cup?

It didn't happen, but it almost happened. Where would it have ranked if it did happen?

WSU Athletic Communications

Two years ago, we almost got treated to one of the best game-ending touchdowns you'll ever see. Of course, I'm talking about Toni Pole's interception and near touchdown in overtime of the 2012 Apple Cup. If you don't remember, or just enjoy watching that big man rumble, here it is in GIF form.


Pole came up just short. Andrew Furney went on to kick a game-winning field goal and that was that. But, what if Pole had scored? CougCenter veteran J.J. Fekl brought up an interesting question in one of the threads yesterday:

Re-watching the 2012 Apple Cup:

Now that we all have some distance from that game...If Pole had scored on his INT return, does that supplant Bledsoe-to-Bobo as the most iconic play in WSU Apple Cup history?

I thought that was a very interesting question and as such, I'm stealing it. Let's say Cody Bruns doesn't run Pole down and the WSU defensive tackle scores to give WSU the Apple Cup victory. Where would you rank that in Apple Cup lore and WSU lore in general. Is it the most iconic play in WSU Apple Cup history?

It's fresh, so it's easy to lean toward yes. I think the rarity of the play would put it above the rest. Great offensive touchdowns aren't necessarily rare. But, game-winning interception returns by defensive tackles in overtime following a huge fourth-quarter comeback and narrow escape thanks to a missed field goal? Yeah, a little more unique.

It would have been tops for me, but where would a Pole touchdown have ranked for you?