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Tyler Bruggman reportedly considering Arkansas, Duke, Louisville

The WSU transfer has put together a curious list of potential destinations.

Could Tyler Bruggman end up playing for Bobby Petrino?
Could Tyler Bruggman end up playing for Bobby Petrino?
Andy Lyons

More outlets have now confirmed the impending transfer of WSU quarterback Tyler Bruggman, which was first reported last night via Twitter by Britton Ransford of

We also now have an idea of where the former four-star recruit might end up, thanks to's Bruce Feldman:

Besides the fact that Feldman is one of the best in the business, he co-wrote "Swing Your Sword" with Mike Leach so you can probably put two and two together as to the reliability of Feldman's "sources." And while Arkansas, Duke, Louisville and Indiana might seem like an odd pool of schools for a high profile quarterback transfer, all but Louisville were reported to have offered Bruggman a scholarship in high school.

While I'm not familiar with each of the school's situations, I'm going to go ahead and assume that each will have an open QB job in about six months. And while Indiana is traditionally a bad program, you could definitely do worse than going to the SEC or playing for David Cutcliffe or Bobby Petrino.

Whatever Bruggman decides, I hope he lands on his feet. Best of luck to the kid.