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Five things that you should know about Beau Glover

Beau Glover is a name that a lot of Cougar fans might not be familiar with, but soon could be. Here are some things you should know about him.

Beau Glover is a name that a lot of Cougar fans might still not be familiar with. That is likely to change soon. From all indications in the spring Glover seems likely to see some playing time in a relatively thin secondary that is rebuilding after the losses of Deone Bucannon and Damante Horton. Here is a list of things for you to remember about Glover before the season starts:


Name -  Beau Glover
Position - Safety
Year - RS Sophomore
Height/Weight: - 5'9", 165 pounds
Hometown - Gig Harbor, WA

1. Walk-on - Glover came to WSU in 2012 as a walk-on from Gig Harbor. He was redshirted in that same year.

2. Filling in for "The Man" - Glover made his only game appearance for one play last season in the second quarter of the Arizona game in Tucson. He subbed in for Bucannon on one play.

3. A sacred inheritance - When Eric Oertel left Pullman after graduating last spring, he left a team heirloom that he purchased when he arrived at WSU. "The Burger Shirt," as it has come to be known, is a button-up shirt that intermingles two pieces of a class Americana cuisine - cheeseburgers and french fries. I'm guessing that whoever was the fashion designer had the ultra Jimmy Buffet fan in mind when designing the shirt. Oertel entrusted "The Burger Shirt" to Glover. Whether Glover tucks it away for safekeeping or wears it around campus is yet to be seen. Here's a look at Oertel modeling the shirt:

4. A big spring - Glover saw a lot of action in the spring with an injury to projected starting safety Isaac Dotson. He had an interception in the spring game that was referred to by some as the "butt pick" when a thrown pass landed on Kristoff Williams' posterior without touching the ground allowing Glover to easily pick the ball up for the interception.

5. On the field in 2014? It is to be seen what role Glover will have on the team this coming season. Part of his ability to move up the Cougar depth chart from a walk-on spot has to do with the thinness the Cougs have had in that area the past couple of years. At 5'9", 165 pounds, size more than anything puts Glover at a disadvantage. However, his teammates and coaches rave about his work ethic and heart for playing the game that has allowed him to ascend the depth chart. I wouldn't at all be surprised to hear Glover's name called several times throughout the season. So far the Cougs are making a very aggressive push to bring in high level talent at the secondary positions in 2015. With an apparent flux of incoming talent coming to WSU in the next 12 months, the 2014 season might be the time for Glover to prove himself out on the playing field. Coaches and teammates have taken a liking to him and I expect Cougar fans to follow suit with their penchant for the underdog