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39 days to Cougar football: What is your most-memorable WSU play?

We've talked about favorite WSU games, but what about your most-memorable play in Cougar history?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

If I asked you what is your favorite WSU game of all-time, I'm guessing for most, it wouldn't take much time to answer. There have been enough good games for one to stick out in your head. What about if we take it to an even further level and talk about a play that sticks out?

What is your favorite play in WSU history?

That is probably a tough question, with it being a struggle to narrow it down to one. Bledsoe to Bobo might be the most popular answer, but its far from the only option. Whether it was a play with high stakes on the line or just something that stood out to you. I don't think I'll ever forget Jerome Harrison breaking away for an 80-yard touchdown against Idaho on the first play of the 2005 season, but that is largely because I whiffed on a high-five after that play and wound up giving my friend a black eye in Martin Stadium.

Picking an actual favorite is a much harder task. On the spot, I think I'm taking Alex Brink to Brandon Gibson for 35 yards to win the 2007 Apple Cup.

If I had been aware of such things at the time, Chris Jackson's touchdown in 1997 would surly be my No. 1. I still enjoy that play today, but I don't have the same time/place/vested interest memories I do with others.

Which play stands out in your memory?