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Wrapping up WSU's appearance at Pac-12 media day

Gnats, acting, doughnuts, partying and a little football. It couldn't be anything but WSU at Pac-12 media day.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Washington State's appearance at Pac-12 media day is in the books and as you probably expected, it was all over the place. Mike Leach was in midseason storytelling form, rambling on about his path to the NFL, gnats, doughnuts and a host of other topics. The contingent WSU sent was strong with Darryl Monroe and Connor Halliday also having successful runs through media day.

The Pac-12 Network's coverage of media day was a little different than previous years. Instead of showing the main media sessions, Pac-12 Network opted for a studio show that featured interviews with the various participants. Leach dropped a lot of his best gold during the main media session and thanks to Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman Review, you can watch some of it.

Let's Twitter roundup this thing:

Leach and the other Pac-12 coaches will head to Bristol for interviews with ESPN, so there will still be more to come.