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31 days to Cougar football: What is your guide to tailgating in Pullman?

Food, drinks, and more. What are your do's and don't's for tailgating at a WSU football game?

Kyle Sherwood

Washington State won't play its first true home game until Week 3 of the season. That makes the game more than six weeks away, but that doesn't mean people aren't already getting prepared. Tailgating season is right around the corner and depending on how into it you are, the preparations may have already begun.

The first WSU game I ever attended, a fan told me "tailgating isn't an act, it's an art." People take it very seriously. There are tailgating rankings and even websites devoted to tailgating news.

With the way Washington State played football during the last decade, the tailgate was often times the highlight of gameday. I know there are several CougCenter members who are weekly tailgators, so let's use this opportunity to create a master guide of sorts to tailgating in Pullman. Tricks of the trade, must haves, whatever comes to mind. Even beyond the guide, what are some of your staples of a tailgate? Food you always make, drinks you always have, even music you always play.

What's your guide to tailgating in Pullman?