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Vote in the final of the CougCenter World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) food

It's down to the final where we determine your favorite restaurant in the entire Palouse.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We down to the finals, y'all. To call the opinions of some in the comments of every previous post strong would be an understatement but the voters have spoken and we're down to the finals. Once again, the higher seeded teams advanced and we haven't had a single upset in the knockout stages after having at least a couple in the group stage.

You'll not only be voting in the final, but in keeping with the regular World Cup tradition, you'll also be putting someone on the bronze medal podium with a third place vote.

Voting Time: You'll have until Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. to vote. We're giving this one a couple of days since it's an all-important match-up and some folks may be taking a long holiday weekend as well.

Semifinal results here, quarterfinal results here, group stage results here.

Point of parliamentary procedure: this is about your FAVORITE restaurant, not necessarily the best. Whatever the word favorite when it comes to food means to you, roll with it.

Lets go to the voting and, much like the semifinals, here's a great reminder that FOOTBALL IS LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY AND YOU GET TO HEAR THIS SONG RIGHT BEFORE THE SEAHAWKS WHOOP THE PACKERS' ASS!

Third Place Match:

The Old European (Semifinal No. 2 runner-up, 159 votes)


Sellas (Semifinal No. 1 runner-up, 148 votes)

I'll be honest: I truly expected Sella's to go through to the finals when we began this tournament. But an unlucky semifinal draw and it finds itself in the third place game. Against either of the other two of the final four establishments, it might have gone through. The third place match-up remains a pretty compelling one though as one of these establishments will come this far and miss a podium spot.

The Final:

Cougar Country (Semifinal No. 1 winner, 231 votes)


The Coug (Semifinal No. 2 winner, 212 votes)

Ali v. Frazier. USC v. Texas. Betamax vs. VHS. The Coug vs. Cougar Country. People will be talking about this match-up for generations to come. Next to the word 'institutions' in the Encyclopedia Britannica (RIP) is a picture of both of these establishments. There's really nothing more for me to say here. Simply put, this is a battle where no words can adequately describe it. Choose wisely.