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Cougar Country wins the World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food

Home of the classic Super Basket and the best shakes this side of Royal City, Cougar Country wins the World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food.

Photo Courtesy Cougar Country Facebook page
Photo Courtesy Cougar Country Facebook page

Thousands of votes after the group, quarterfinal and semifinal stages, we reached the pinnacle of our World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food competition. The finals were a well fought battle and, in fact, our closest vote on any contest to date in the competition. Before we reveal a win, please set the mood by blaring this music and imaging all this being read in the dulcet tones of the finest studio host in all of television, Bob Ley.

The winner of the inaugural 2014 CougCenter World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food is Cougar Country Drive-In!

/tries to imagine lyrical things Bob Ley would say /fails miserably

Lets get to a review of the final knockout stages, starting with the votes in the third place match:

THIRD PLACE: Sella's (392 votes, 66.55%)

FOURTH PLACE: Oold European (197 votes, 33.45%)

The voters were given the choice between the eventual winner and Sella's, two of the combatants that emerged as favorites before the contest began so it's little surprised that Sella's would pull a Germany and wax the floor with their apparently strong but oh, I guess not as strong opponent (sorry Brazil).

WINNER: Cougar Country Drive-In (410 votes, 58.16%)

SECOND PLACE: The Coug (295 votes, 41.84%)

It got closer towards the end but it's still a pretty decisive victory for Cougar Country. The drive-in has been serving patrons since 1973 and although it doesn't have the seniority The Coug has, it has a special place in the heart of many who would go there the day after a long night at The Coug. Every college town has a classic burger joint and the all-American food at an all-American eatery gets the thumbs up from voters. The yearning for this place is so strong, and this is not an exaggeration, I had a friend carry a Super Basket in the car to Seattle and then on the place from Seattle to Los Angeles for a friend who offered him double retail to bring it down to him. That's the pull of a place like Cougar Country.

Congrats to Cougar Country Drive-In for their triumph in the inaugural World Cup of Pullman (and Moscow) Food.