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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 25-21

Gabe Marks ran away from two defenses while River Cracraft showed off his hands and Deone Bucannon smacked another ball carrier.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Interceptions, big hits and touchdowns are nice, but we're getting to the point where they better be more than nice to claim one of the remaining spots in the top 50. You better use one hand, or embarrass a defender or two to make the list. That's exactly what we have today.

No. 25 - Daquawn Brown uses one hand


There are a lot less impressive ways to record your first career interception than this. Brown's momentum was going the other direction on this play, but the throw was very bad. While the SUU receiver had no shot and made no effort to make the catch, Brown was quick enough to turn, snag the ball with one hand and control it while still getting a foot inbounds. Not too bad for a defensive back.

No. 24 - Gabe Marks breaks away from Idaho


If this were a basketball mixtape, the entire crowd would be yelling "oooohhhh" after Marks broke that safety's ankles. The poor Vandal defender thought he had Marks right in his sights, then before he knows it he is face down on the turf watching Marks racing toward the endzone.

No. 23 - Gabe Marks breaks away from ASU


Don't feel too bad though, Idaho. Marks has a habit of turning a slant into much more. This one took a little more effort with Marks weaving through the Sun Devil defense before diving into the endzone for six. No. 9 knew he didn't have a shot initially so he took a better angle to run Marks down and ... nope still can't get him.

No. 22 - River Cracraft has really good hands


River Cracraft has the best hands on WSU's roster. I don't really think that is up for debate, but if it was, this catch would be my leading argument. A leaping fingertip grab over the top of a defender would be impressive enough. Cracraft managed to control the ball -- even with the defender having an arm in there -- and come down in bounds. Oh, that play also came on 3rd and 7 and moved the chains.

No. 21 - Deone Bucannon lays another big hit


Deone Bucannon recorded so many hard hits, him laying out this USC running back may not even crack the top three on his career highlight reel. The USC player lowers his shoulder to try to give it to Bucannon. That didn't work out very well.

The countdown rolls on tomorrow and possibly the most absurd play of the year takes its place.