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Wanted: CougCenter social media manager

Are you a fan of CougCenter and want to see it grow? Do you love hanging out on Twitter with people you've never met? This position might be for you!

Carlos Alvarez is looking for an individual to become our social media manager. The purpose of the job is simple: Promote CougCenter's brand and content through social media using the official CougCenter Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The ideal candidate already will enjoy CougCenter's content and understand our culture while possessing a demonstrated track record of loving being online and interacting with people, particularly on Twitter. You don't need to have a huge follower count, but you do need to have shown evidence of being interesting, thoughtful, and intelligent. (Bonus points for funny!).

And, of course, you have to love the Cougs.

Like the majority of positions at CougCenter, this will have to be a labor of love for you, as there is no compensation involved. But the position is not without its benefits -- something that should be clear by the hours that the dozen or so authors choose to invest in the site. We all get something out of our involvement. (Like, for example, having an instant audience of 5,000 the day you start.)

You'll not be expected to spend all day everyday on Twitter and Facebook. After all, this isn't a job. You'll simply be doing the best you can with the time you have, as we all do.

That said ... if you're the person we're looking for, you're probably already where we need you to be most of the time, anyway.

Candidates wishing to apply should send a brief email to cougcenter (at) gmail (dot) com expressing interest in the position. Please explain why you'd be a good fit for us and be sure to include your Twitter handle and any other relevant information we should know that would qualify you for this position. Also feel free to just send general questions.

The position as currently constructed doesn't involve any writing for the site, but if that's something the applicant is interested in, that could be a possibility down the road.