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DaVonte Lacy visits Shanghai, gets best picture ever

The WSU basketball player is traveling in China with the Pac-12 All-Stars.

Kory Mortensen/Utah Athletics

We already know that WSU basketball player DaVonte Lacy is really good at basketball, but it turns out he's also pretty good at something else: Puzzling the good people on the streets of China.

Kory Mortensen of Utah Athletics snapped that photo of Lacy, who is traveling in China with the Pac-12 All-Stars, in Shanghai yesterday. The hilarious part is that it's not like this is some rural town; I imagine those that live in the largest city in China see tourists all the time, and probably see them do their fair share of goofy things.

Whatever Lacy was doing, it must have been pretty funny! (Or maybe it's just because of Lacy's strong t-shirt game.)

While it appears the team is having fun -- which you can see in this gallery -- the all-stars also are playing well on the basketball court, having won their first two games by a combined score of 158-110. Lacy has a total of 13 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

They'll play their final game Saturday against the Shanghai Sharks, which are owned by former NBA star Yao Ming.