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The CougCenter Hour, Episode 19: A look at fall practice in Lewiston and an update on 2015 recruiting

We're back in the swing of things with a review of the two weeks the Cougs spent at Sacajawea Junior High and a quick update on recruiting.

We're baaaaaaccckkkkkkkkkk. Also, so is football.


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The start of the 2014 college football campaign is just around the corner and that means the CougCenter Hour makes its triumphant return to the Internet airwaves at 7 p.m. PT

Our very own Andy Crookston was on the scene in Lewiston for each and every day of WSU's camp at Sacajawea Junior High. We'll talk to him about how the team performed and go over the all important position battles: running back, cornerback, kicker and punter.

Then, WazzuWatch's Britton Ransford stops by for a quick update on what has been an awfully impressive recruiting class set to sign in February. Late August may seem to be a bit early to discuss it but this class is really surprising a lot of folks with its quality.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments, hate mail at or, the easier way, with the hashtag #cougcenterhour on Twitter. We also want your questions for Ask Michael Anything. Nothing is off limits. Probably. Maybe. Alright, there's some stuff but I'll answer most anything! I'll settle scores between you and a spouse, decide what the best condiment for hot dogs is (mustard) or give you any and all life advise you need. The good news: I'm just as qualified as Dr. Phil.


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