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Isiah Myers on being a senior and competing with friends

Isiah Myers played at an extremely high level throughout WSU's fall camp. Myers will have to continue that high level of play if he is to see the field with some regularity. We spoke with Myers for a few minutes after a practice in Lewiston to get his thought on being a senior and competing for his job.

Isiah Myers
Isiah Myers
WSU Athletic Communications

Isiah Myers enters his final season in Pullman in a stiff three-way competition at the Z receiver position. We had a moment to speak with Isiah after a practice in Lewiston to get his thoughts on the competition and how he feels as a senior.

CougCenter: Isiah, you have had a huge camp at a competitive position. How has that been?

Myers: I think we have been brainwashed to compete. That's our work ethic and our mentality. Just coming out here and competing every day is something that we do and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. I am pretty proud of my teammates, especially Kristoff (Williams), Gabe (Marks), Dom (Williams), and Vince (Mayle).

CougCenter: Being a senior, what do you want to get out of this last season?

Myers: I just want to get the most that I can get out of it. You know it's my last go-around so I want to do anything I can to be the best I can and achieve anything possible.

CougCenter: Can you talk a little more about the competition at your position (Z receiver)?

The three Z receivers we have are me, Kristoff, and Gabe. We're friends off the field. It's just a little friendly competition that we have. I think it pushes all of us to be the best receivers that we can be. I think the competition that we have between us is making us all better receivers.

CougCenter: How has the camp gone for the team?

Myers: I feel like since I have been here, we have all stepped it up each camp. Last year we had an amazing camp. This year we're going ten times better.

CougCenter: What has really changed for receivers since you've arrived here?

Myers: I think we've just gotten older with more experience. We know the game a lot better. We know this offense. We know what Coach Leach wants. We know what Coach Simmons wants. Just the mentality that we have. We know our jobs and that has been helping us a lot.