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Palacio: Football Operations Building improves training

Kache Palacio's name is likely to get called a lot this season when the Cougars are on defense. We had a minute to chat with Kache during WSU's fall camp in Lewiston about his preparation for the season and the new Football Operations Building.

Kache Palacio
Kache Palacio
WSU Athletic Communications

Lewiston - Kache Palacio will be a critical part of the WSU defense this season at the BUCK linebacker, one of the most important positions on Mike Breske's defense. We took a moment to talk to Kache about his preparation to play his position and his thoughts on the new Foobtall Operations Building.

CougCenter: Kache, this is your third season. Talk about some of the changes you have seen since you have been here.

Palacio: We're getting more intense as a defense. We're flying around. We keep it more to the same as same routines, but it's more intense. We're growing together as a defense as a unit.

CougCenter: How comfortable are you with the role of the BUCK having to be able to both get in the line and drop back into coverage?

Palacio: I am very comfortable, especially on the line because that's all I played. And then dropping back as a linebacker, I'm getting more used to it, getting more familiar, watching more film, and getting more help from other linebackers.

CougCenter: What have you worked on in the offseason to improve your game?

Palacio: I worked on my size trying to get fit to help the defense out when I have to take a pounding on the D-line, film room, and with my backers and D-lineman on stunts and movements.

CougCenter: What sort of training prepares you to engage with offensive lineman?

Palacio: I work with Coach Loscalzo. He tells me what to eat for my nutrition to get on healthy weight  We work on benching and techniques in the weight room to sharpen up my game to help me with the size.

CougCenter: Talking about nutrition, we just opened up the Gray Letter Dining Club. What's the place like? Have you had any meals there? What is the food like?

Palacio: I had three meals before we left for camp and it was great. The chef has been doing his thing behind the kitchen and it has been good.

CougCenter: Do you like the compactness of activities and the convenience of the Football Operations Building?

Palacio: So far, it's been motivation. You go into the weight room and it's a different type of mood. Everybody wants to workout. Last year we had a lot of people want to work out, but there's no pushing you now. You want to work out. The facility is built around football, so that's what you do, work out, eat, and be in the facilities. You have everything you need to live there.

CougCenter: How has camp gone? Who are you rooming with?

Palacio: Right now I'm rooming with Jacob Seydel, one of the offensive guards. He's been pretty cool. The camp's been going well. This is my third camp, so I understand the plays more. It's learning techniques. We've been kind of beating the offense. Don't tell them that. But we're getting better because we play together as a unit. It's more competitive this year. This is the best camp I have ever experienced.