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The CougCenter Hour: It's (a short) game week against Rutgers

It's the opening week of the season and the Cougs are facing off against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. We break it down for you on the newest edition of the CougCenter Hour.


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Football is officially back and we're on a short week leading up to the opener against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Thursday in Seattle. We examine Washington State's match-up with their Big ten opponent to start things off then look into Rutgers with Keith Sargeant of

We'll spend the second half of the show going over expectations for Washington State with our own Jeff Nusser. Should we expect an 8-4 season or could things fall off the cliff this season (hint: probably not).

As always, we'll wrap things up with the Dunderhead of the Week and your questions on Ask Michael Anything. Any question on any topic. Nothing is off limits! Okay, well, some stuff but you know better. Use the #cougcenterhour hashtag on Twitter to ask or email your questions to

We're in for a rousing time. Mostly because FOOTBALL IS BACK, YOU GUYS!