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Robert Lewis doesn't let size get in his way

At just over 160 lbs, Robert Lewis is small even for a college receiver. This doesn't stop him from playing physical and finding ways to get open.

Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
WSU Athletic Communications

Lewiston - Robert Lewis has been impressive ever since spring camp and now looks to see considerable reps behind River Cracraft at the Y receiver position. Sizewise, Lewis is much smaller than Cracraft at 5'9", 162 lbs meaning he will have to rely on his speed to get open. We had a moment to talk with ‘Rob Lew' about playing at his size and finally getting to see the field after a redshirt season.

CougCenter: Robert, it seems that you have had an impressive camp. How do you feel it has gone?

Lewis: I was just trying to come back off a good spring and try to improve on the things the coaches wanted me to improve on. Basically, my whole thing was stick with routine plays and don't try to do too much extra and have a better fall camp than I did when I first got here.

CougCenter: You we're a redshirt last year. Talk a little about that experience.

Lewis: It doesn't suck. Watching everybody play, you can cheer the team on. Redshirting in the beginning kind of gets to you because of course you want to be out there playing. At the end of the day, it worked out for me because I learned how to perfect my craft and buy into the system more. I learned the offense more. It benefits you redshirting.

CougCenter: Speed is your thing, but some see your size as a drawback. Do you see that as an issue?

Lewis: I've been undersized my whole life. The majority of the people out there are bigger than me. I just learn to use my speed and Coach (Dennis) Simmons always tells me just use my hands. The only way they can guard (me) is if they grab me or something.

CougCenter: What does it mean to use your hands as a receiver? Is it strength? Is it quickness? I always hear them say, ‘be violent with your hands.' What does that mean?

Lewis: Of course you have to put a little power behind it because nobody is going to let you slap their hands right away. I think it's how quick you get your hands up because as soon as they put them up you swipe them down. It gives you that much more to get a step on them.

CougCenter: You work at the Y receiver with River Cracraft. How good of a relationship do you guys have as far as working with one another and letting each other know what is going on?

Lewis: River has a season under him so if he sees some things out there, he'll let me know. We have good communication. If one of us is tired, we'll call in a sub. Whenever he needs a breather, I step in. It's good communication.

CougCenter: What is going to feel like when you make that first college catch?

Lewis: Definitely, it's going to be a little weight lifted off my shoulders since I haven't played for two years. I grayshirted and redshirted. It's definitely going to feel good.