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WSU defense doesn't show, Rutgers out-duels WSU 41-38

The Cougar offense started slow, and the defense never really started at all, and the Cougars waste a big night from Connor Halliday.

Otto Greule Jr

Rutgers scored a touchdown on their very first play from scrimmage, and that set the defensive tone for the entire game. Let's hope it didn't set the defensive tone for the season

WSU lost its season opener -- and final Seattle Game (for at least a while) -- to Rutgers, 41-38.

It was a back and forth affair all night long. In the 2nd and 3rd quarters, the Cougars scored on 4 of 5 straight drives, only missing out on a half-time shortened drive. Rutgers, however, was able to match that intensity, only punting 3 times all night, one of which ended up becoming the turning point of the game.

The Cougs led by 4 and their defense was finally able to get a big 3 and out, forcing Rutgets to punt. Cracraft caught it, but it was quickly knocked out. The Rutgers offense set out on a 50 yard, 3:49 drive to score the go ahead touchdown making the score 41-38. The red-hot Cougar offense, led by Connor Halliday and his 5 TD's, got the ball with under 4 minutes to play and a 3 point lead to overcome.

The Cougs weren't able to capitalize on Connor Halliday's big day under center. The Cougar quarterback finished with an eye-popping 532 yards and 5 touchdowns. Perhaps, however, the most telling stat is that, including those 532 yards in the air from Halliday, the Cougs had a total of 538 yards as their leading rusher, Jamal Morrow only managed 17 yards, 13 of which coming on one play.

The Cougs will head back to Pullman and try to lick their wounds as they prepare to take on Nevada on the road next Friday.

This one hurts Coug fans, but maybe it's time to celebrate. Washington State may never have to play another "home game" on the road in Seattle again.