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Fall camp Q&A: Beau Glover

Beau Glover had an active day on Saturday working with the No. 1 defense. We had a moment to talk with Beau after practice and get some of his thoughts on his development and the first day.

Beau Glover
Beau Glover
WSU Athletic Communications

FROM LEWISTON -- Beau Glover is a name that not many WSU had heard of before this season's spring camp. Glover has got a lot of valuable reps in this spring and is working his way up the WSU depth chart at safety. He practiced with the No. 1 unit on the first day of fall camp. After practice, we got to chat a little bit with Beau to ask him about his development and what his impressions of the first day were.

CougCenter: Beau, this is your third year at camp. You have another year under your belt and have moved up the depth chart. What is the difference for you between this year and last year?

Glover: Just physically getting bigger. Just physically becoming a better football player. I have developed my skills over these last  three years. I'm getting a lot of help from everybody outside. I have a better grasp on what we are doing on defense. I've been around here three years and I have a pretty good grasp on what we are doing.

CougCenter: What teammate has been particularly instrumental in bringing your development along?

Glover: Taylor Taliulu and the older guys, Casey Locker and Deone Bucannon, they've been there the whole time. Taylor has been with me ever since I got here. He's been helping me out whenever I need him. Deone and Casey, they were there to help me too. I've had a lot of great safety teammates on the way out here.

CougCenter: How did you feel about the intensity (for Saturday's practice)? It looked like the defense got the upper hand there in 11-on-11.

Glover: We're just out here trying to fly around. I think the first day is harder for the offense trying to get their timing down and everything so we just have to come out and fly around. I thought it was a good effort. I gotta pick up a couple of plays, but they (his defensive teammates) came out and picked me up though. I just thought we had really good intensity on defense today.

CougCenter: What did you feel you missed out on with some of the plays?

Glover: Just mental stuff. Just focusing the whole time. I've got to make sure I go through all my reads before I decide to do something. We're going to watch film tonight and tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow I won't make the same mistakes.

CougCenter: What are some of the things you are doing down here in Lewiston for team building exercises?

Glover: A pretty fun thing we do when after we get out of the cool tub and bus we've got two hours back at Lewis-Clark (State College). They've got ping pong tables. They've got Wii's. They've got pool tables. We're all teaming up and going against each other and having a lot of fun. I think that's where everyone starts getting to know each other the best. They room us up with each other. I'm roommates with Hercules (Mata'afa) right now. I haven't really gotten to talk to him that much so it's cool we're getting to know each other. In these thirteen days up here we're going to become closer.