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What a field conversation between Mike Leach and Connor Halliday sounds like

In case you ever wondered.

Now we know what they say to each other.
Now we know what they say to each other.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Leach is never one to mince words. I mean, he'll obviously tell a long, winding story from time to time, but when it comes time to tell it straight, the man well tell you how he feels -- directly.

Over the last couple of years, we've come to understand that quarterback Connor Halliday can be equally direct, whether that's in airing his teammates out after a play or in interviews off the field.

In that context, the following conversation -- relayed by Bud Withers in this excellent profile of the WSU QB -- probably shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone. Still, it made me laugh:

At Pac-12 media days, Halliday recalled the 2012 Oregon game at CenturyLink Field, when he was a sophomore new to the ways of Leach. Halliday was riding a stationary bike, trying to keep a balky back loose.

"He always talks to his quarterback before you go out for the next drive," Halliday said. Leach told him if he saw Cover 4, call Six - four vertical receivers.

"He walked off," Halliday says. Two minutes later, he said it again. Thirty seconds later, he said it again.

Voice rising, Halliday replied, "All right, coach, I got it!"

"Look around the stadium," Leach fired back. "There's 60,000 people here. You see all the way to the top of that nosebleed section? There's 60,001. If you ever talk to me like that again, guess who that one's gonna be? You guessed it, (bleeping) you."

I don't know if you imagine the conversations between players and coaches going a bit more elegantly, but it turns out there's not a lot of time for fancy words in the heat of the game!