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24 Days to Cougar Football: Which player would you want to interview?

If you could have 30 minutes to sit down with a WSU football player, which one would you choose?

If I had 30 minutes to spend with a player, I'd pick Joe Dahl.
If I had 30 minutes to spend with a player, I'd pick Joe Dahl.
WSU Athletic Communications

For the first couple of days of camp, Andrew Crookston has been making the trek down to Lewiston to watch practice and snag a few interviews with players and coaches, starting with Beau Glover and continuing with Theron West and Dennis Simmons.

That, combined with Bud Withers' profile of Connor Halliday -- replete with the quarterback's trademark candor -- got me thinking about which player on the Cougar football team I would most like to interview.

When I was a working reporter, I would immediately think of the guy who would give me the best quotes that I could use to make a story more interesting. But now that I'm just a fan who isn't dependent on those quotes for my job, I tend to think more about which guy would just be most interesting to talk to for a half hour.

I think Halliday would be a lot of fun, given his demonstrated penchant for speaking directly. But from my perspective, I think I'd want to talk to someone who isn't quite so front-and-center. I want to learn things I didn't know before about someone who is relatively unknown.

Other things I'm looking for: I want a player who's a junior or senior, because in my experience those guys open up a little easier than the younger guys; I also want someone who's a starter if possible (I'm elitist like that).

If I had asked this question a year ago, the answer would have been a no brainer: Elliott Bosch. In my limited interaction with him (one news conference!) it was clear that he's a sharp dude who's both thoughtful with his words and comfortable with himself. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, Kenny Alfred is another guy I would have loved to have interviewed.

As a former (terrible) offensive lineman, I guess I have a thing for the big fellas who open the holes and protect the quarterback. Most of them want you to think they're just quietly going about their business and would rather be left alone, but once you get them going, they're going.

I don't know much about the personalities of either Joe Dahl or Gunnar Eklund, but I'd probably choose one of them. Both are former walk-ons who now start, but let's give Dahl the nod for having also made it after transferring from an FCS school and sitting out his first two years. I'll bet he's got fun stories. And if I allowed myself to cheat, I'd do both at the same time because linemen telling stories about each other is the best.

Who would you pick and why? No coaches allowed!