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Fall Camp Q&A: Dennis Simmons

We took a moment to speak with Dennis Simmons after WSU football's Sunday practice in Lewiston. Here's what he had to say.

Dennis Simmons
Dennis Simmons
WSU Athletic Communications

FROM LEWISTON -- Dennis Simmons has a lot of talent to work with as WSU's outside receivers coach. We had a couple of minutes to speak with Simmons after a fall camp practice in Lewiston. Here's what he had to say:

CougCenter: Coach, what are some of the technical things you are looking for out here in the first couple days of practice?

Simmons: Really just being overly aggressive involvement with our hands. Not getting rerouted. Getting proper depths on our routes. And just being physical getting in and out of our breaks.

CougCenter: What do you think is the biggest change you have seen in receivers since you arrived here in 2012?

Simmons: Just the mentality and a swagger about them. If the ball is in the air, we're going to go get it no matter what the situation is.

CougCenter: This year you have a lot of depth at the receiver positions. Can you breakdown the X and Z receiver positions?

Simmons: Right now you have Vince Mayle, Dominique Williams, and Drew Loftus with Daniel Lillenthal (at the X). At Z you've got Kristoff Williams, Isiah Myers, and Gabe Marks over there battling in.

CougCenter: As far as Vince Mayle, as somebody that hasn't played football his whole life and came here as a good athlete, what do attribute to his development in the last year?

Simmons: He works his butt off. During the season and off season, he takes it personal. He wants to have a career at this, so he works his butt off getting his body into shape and then, like you said, he had athletic ability so that comes with it. But as far as his route running, just being physical and explosive utilizing the God-given tools and talents that God has given him.

CougCenter: If you have an overall goal this season for outside receivers, what do you want to see more of in the games?

Simmons: I want those guys to be unselfish players. I want to see them playing more physical and dominate with the ball in their hand. Also, playing for their teammate when they don't have the ball or need to get their depth and do something in their route to set up a clear window for Connor (Halliday) to throw the ball or a bigger or wider hole for the other receivers to compliment them in the route. So to make a long story short, I want to be the best at doing our job. The whole nine. Blocking, route running whether you're the primary player on the play or not.