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Fall camp Q&A: Theron West

Theron West has come on strong since the end of last season and is now projected as the starting running back for WSU. We took a moment to chat with him after practice Sunday as well as get some feedback from Mike Leach.

Theron West
Theron West
WSU Athletic Communications

FROM LEWISTON -- Theron West has sat atop the WSU depth chart at running back dating back to the New Mexico Bowl last season. West is a redshirt senior this season. We had a moment to chat with him about what has helped him work his way up the WSU depth chart and his goals for the season.

CougCenter: So Theron, this is your senior year. You came here as a transfer two years ago. Describe some of the changes you have seen with the team.

West: Mentality. I feel like we all as a team have grown together. Learning to play with someone is big too as well. Confidence as well. I feel like we're all confident. Everyone is playing great. We're having a good time together and creating a brotherhood. That counts a lot.

CougCenter: You're working in with Jamal Morrow at running back. What is like working with a younger player? Is it more competition or do you help each other out?

West: There's definitely competition. There's competition everywhere. That's what we're here to do is compete. It's pretty fun working with a younger guy. He's pretty awesome, agile, quick, and everything else, so I like working with him.

CougCenter: Last year you really came on in the New Mexico Bowl. You hadn't started all year and you come in make a start and a few big plays and had a blocked punt. What really clicked with you last season that got you in the lineup and playing such a big role in a bowl game?

West: Focusing. Just focusing on detail and just working hard, I guess. Everything just worked perfect. The O-line blocked great. Connor made great calls. So it all worked out perfect.

CougCenter: How did you build on that this spring? You started off on the top of the depth chart, finished up there, and you're coming to camp on top of the depth chart.

West: Honestly, I really don't worry about it that much. I just go out there and play. We just have fun. We're out here to have fun and compete. That's pretty much what it's all about. I never really sit there and try to think too much about that. Every day is a new day and nothing I did then counts for today.

CougCenter: Speaking of  fun, how has Lewiston been for you?

West: Lewiston is awesome. It's a great thing to do. Like I said, we come together as a team out here. We have so much fun just being with all the guys. It's a great thing to do and we all love it.

After we spoke with West, we also had a chance to ask Mike Leach about what he thought has helped West step up in a bigger role over the last few months.

CougCenter: Coach, you brought Theron West on at the New Mexico Bowl last year and he starts this year on top of the depth chart. What sort of clicked with him?

Leach: First, he got in shape. That was the first thing. He was always kind of a quick guy, but he got into shape so I thought that helped him a bunch. And the other thing, I think he really went out there and did well on special teams and started to gain some confidence. The other thing, he's kind of a guy all over. Real fired up, but just kind of scattered. Not focused on the specifics of his job. He wasn't malicious, but just one of those guys that had his mind all over the place and as he got into better shape and focused more it has all kind of come together. Real focused guy. Actually kind of a leader out there. It's all important to him whether it's special teams or offense and he does a good job. You see him in the back coaching younger guys. He probably goes as hard as anyone we have on special teams.