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Martin Stadium makeover continues with brick facade

The rumors are true!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The long-rumored cosmetic upgrade to the inside of Martin Stadium is finally underway, as workers are installing a brick facade over the previously mundane concrete walls that ring the field.

When work first began, a number of people speculated that it might actually be LED boards because of the boxy nature of the frames. It turns out we were on the right track, as there will be a hollow space between the brick and the wall for the purpose of running electrical wires.

WSU athletics director Bill Moos has been all about remaking the image of the department, whether through the construction of new facilities or the upgrading of existing ones. A lot of the upgrades are cosmetic, like this one, and relatively inexpensive (such as remaking the Physical Education Building gym into a the basketball teams' practice facility).

But this sort of thing really goes a long way. Brick is incorporated all over WSU's campus and is a major part of the look of the new Football Operations Building, and this will help give the stadium a nice, classy feel.