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WSU football recruiting: Cougs pick up highly touted cornerback, according to report

Fall camp is underway but the Cougs have picked up a cornerback who could be eligible to play right away after flipping to WSU from Virginia.

Stephen Brashear

We're a few days into fall camp in Lewiston and the Cougars may be getting some help in the secondary right away from a 2014 recruit. Consensus three star cornerback Jeff Farrar won't be headed to Virginia this fall and will instead be heading to Pullman, according to a report from's Braulio Perez.

There's a lot of variables at play here so lets start with what we know. According to Britton Ransford, this situation is similar to the one WSU found itself in when they landed Chandler Leniu. As you'll recall, there was an issue with Leniu's classes and his ability to be admitted to Cal but which wasn't the case for getting admitted to WSU.

Leniu was also eligible to play right away after signing with WSU but the scholarship situation is more muddled now in August with fall camp having already started. If Farrar ends up being eligible to play now, it's not unreasonable to assume he could compete for the starting cornerback spot opposite Daquawn Brown. Redshirt senior Tracy Clark tops the depth chart but only with the magical "or" attached and Charleston White behind him. Clark is the lone upperclassman cornerback on the roster and redshirting some depth would be desirable but it's no secret how thin WSU is at that position.

Farrar submitted his letter of intent to the Cavaliers on signing day in February after receiving scholarship offers from 16 schools, including Arizona, Arizona State, California, UCLA and Utah among others. Her was also teammates with future early enrollee Tyler Hilinski at Upland High School in Upland, CA.