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WSU's top plays of 2013: Nos. 50 through 46

The countdown of WSU's best plays in 2013 begins with a long reception, a defensive touchdown, two forced fumbles and a nifty punt return.

The start of the 2014 season is only a couple weeks away. To help pass the time, we're going to look back on the best of 2013 with a top play countdown. I gathered up the 50 best plays I could find, Jeff Collier and I created a GIF for each then the CougCenter staff voted to put them in order.

So without further ado, let's count down the top 50 plays of WSU's 2013 season.

No. 50 - Dom Williams shrugs off Idaho


Dom Williams made his fair share of big plays last year, so this isn't the last we'll see of him on this countdown. On this 30-yard touchdown against Idaho, the Vandals forgot to cover him, then stood little chance trying to make up for it. The safety appeared to have him lined up, then nope, touchdown.

No. 49 - Damante Horton to the house against the Utes


A pick-6 all the way down the list at No. 49? That will happen when it's one of four on the year, including three by Horton. Mr. Pick Six gave WSU an early 14-point lead against the Utes when he jumped this route for the 22-yard score.

No. 48 - Deone Bucannon strips Oregon


Deone Bucannon is really strong. That strength helped him lay several big hits last year. It also played a part in this play where he managed to strip Byron Marshall while bringing him to the ground. Bucannon jumped on the fumble for good measure. Deone will be back for more later in the countdown.

No. 47 - Toni Pole steals a touchdown from Cal


WSU beat Cal by 22 points last season, but that 44-22 final score could have been a lot closer if not for a couple of plays. WSU recovered a pair of fumbles along its own goalline, including this one where Toni Pole said gimme that and ended the Cal drive.

No. 46 - Leon Brooks jukes all of Idaho


Leon Brooks spent most of four years as WSU's primary punt returner. During that stretch it seemed he fair caught 95 percent of his returns. He didn't fair catch this one against Idaho and proceeded to evade nearly every Vandal on the field. He looks like he's about to be tackled a couple times only to make another move and keep going. There are a few really good blocks mixed in too.

The countdown will continue tomorrow with Nos. 45 through 41.