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Calvin Green talks about his transition to WSU

Calvin Green has been in Pullman for about seven months now after leaving high school to enroll early. We talked with him about the transition and the big spring game that had.

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Calvin Green electrified Cougar fans in this year's spring Crimson and Gray game by collecting over 100 yards receiving. Green is just a true freshman that enrolled early at WSU back in January. We asked him about the transition and how he has been able to make such a strong input so fast.

CougCenter: Cal, you forwent the end of your senior year in high school to come to WSU and enroll early. Can you talk about what that transition was like?

Green: It was tough at first to come into a crazy, different environment with snow and all of that. It was different and the transition was rough. It was rough for a few weeks, but I got used to it. I caught on.

CougCenter: Who has been instrumental in helping you as far as a mentor?

Green: I can't single anybody out because all the upperclassmen do a great job of leading the younger guys.

CougCenter: You had a really big spring game and caught for over a hundred yards. How did the spring go for you?

Green: From the start of spring I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know a lot of the plays. And the spring game was really huge because it showed what I can do when I am confident in what I'm doing.

CougCenter: Coming out of the spring, what were some of the things you worked on over the summer?

Green: Just running and competing at full speed and showing that I know what I'm doing and that I can compete with the ones and twos.

CougCenter: Who have you been roomating with and how have things been going for you in camp?

I'm roomating with Dom Williams. It's great. You get a great chance to meet with everyone and to mingle with our teammates.