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What can Mike Leach buy with his $500,000 raise?

Mike Leach is the proud new owner of and extra $500,000 per year. In Pullman, that's a lot of dollars.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Leach got a nice little raise recently. His new $500,000 per year raise brings his yearly salary up to $2.75 million dollar per year, making him the third highest paid coach in the league, as far as we know (USC and Stanford don't have to report the salary of their coaches).

$500,000 is an impressive amount of money no matter where you live, but considering the cost of living in Pullman, it's basically a couple hundred trillion dollars. In order to illustrate just how much this amount of money can do for you in Pullman, we put together a list of the things Leach can buy with only the money he makes as part of his new raise.
  • 500,000 scoops of ice cream on dollar scoop Thursday at Licks
  • 250,000 pints during awesome hour at The Coug
  • 25,000 cans of Cougar Gold cheese
  • 47,664 'Italian' calzones from Sellas
  • 68,587 super baskets from Cougar Country
  • 38,461 Cheese Plates from Black Cypress
  • 359,712 Doritos Locos Tacos from the new Pullman Taco Bell (I recommend the Cool Ranch spicy chicken, Coach)
  • 33,355 cases of Busch Light
  • 16,672 handles of Fireball
  • 3,333 Cougar football season tickets in the "value plan" section
  • 5,813 single game tickets to the Apple Cup
  • 71,428 reserved tickets to a WSU volleyball game
  • Roughly 2 average priced homes in Pullman
  • 786 months of average rent in Pullman
  • Approximately four text books
  • An estimated 1 semester of tuition in 2018
What would you buy if you had $500,000 to spend in Pullman? Personally, I'd buy a house with a pool and enough Cougar Gold to fill said pool. That'd be a blast for about a few days. Then it would probably smell.

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